Finance Department

Our primary focus is to provide the University College as a whole (represented by its governing body, Council)  with financial services and advice. This involves the payment of bills and salaries and collection of monies owed to the University College. It also includes the production of monitoring reports and  financial plans such as budgets and business plans.

The department also conducts ad hoc exercises such as investment proposal reviews, the raising of funds. We are also required to ensure that the University College operates its affairs within the various existing external financial and tax regulations and ensure that the University College’s financial records satisfy external audit.

In addition to our internal role, we are responsible for the production of financial statements and returns for various statutory bodies. The Department is headed by the Financial Officer.

Admissions Office

Admissions to CSUC  is competitive and selective and our admission officers review applications using a holistic process. Our office is here to assist you as you prepare to become a student of CSUC.

The Admissions Office is headed by an Assistant Registrar and a team of officers.


Information Technology Services(UCITS)

UCITS Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Strategic Initiatives

UCITS – Where We Put U First in IT

UCITS is a  service unit with a mission to support and enhance the University College’s ability to fulfill its objectives by providing effective and efficient computing and communications solutions. UCITS acts as a facilitator and proactive coordinator of integrative technology services for campus. We are committed to supporting a technological foundation that enhances learning, research and business, recognizing that to serve the campus well we must promote user self-sufficiency, easy access to information, and collaborative relationships with users.

UCITS supports and works collaboratively with all three communities of our campus: staff, faculty, and students.

UCITS is committed to high-quality, value-added services delivered through strong values of respect, integrity, and transparency. UCITS provides two mission-critical IT components to the campus: Infrastructure & Client Services and Enterprise Applications.

Quality Assurance Unit

The Quality Assurance Unit at CSUC aims at developing the university college’s capabilities in the area of quality assurance in order to improve and update academic and managerial activities. To achieve this goal, the unit coordinates with all stakeholders.


The activities of the unit include:
+ Further Developing Quality Assurance Systems 

+ Interacting with all groups of staff on QA issues

+ Leading the preparations for Internal / External Audits

+ Coordinating the internal and external evaluation processes for all academic programs.

+ Producing Quality Assurance Reports

The Unit is headed by Professor S.E.Owusu.

The Unit also aims at promoting a quality culture across the institution and at creating a sense of common ownership.

CSUC Executive Hostel

We offer comfortable, reasonably priced hostel accommodation for all CSUC students. It is not compulsory to use this service; many students have friends and relatives in Kumasi they can stay with. But for those who need it we offer excellent hostel facilities within easy travelling distance to the campus by bus or foot. The hostel is located in a desirable area of Kumasi.

The CSUC Executive Hostel accommodation is popular because it offers good value and is conveniently located in Santasi. The Hostel provides a clean, secure living environment and are ideal for students who are new to Kumasi.

Students are offered a choice of double or single occupancy rooms.

Hostel bookings/fees must be made at least four weeks in advance. Rooms are allocated on first come first serve basis.

Hostel prices (2016)
Large 2-in-1 room per Academic Year Per Student GHC 2,950
Small 2-in-1 room per Academic Year Per Student GHC 2,000
3-in-1 room per Academic Year Per Student GHC 1,900
4-in-1 room per Academic Year Per Student GHC 1,600
Counselling & Guidance Unit

The Counselling and Guidance Service is here to help you gain understanding and insight into any difficulties you may be experiencing, to develop emotional resilience and put into effect real change, enabling you to fulfil your academic and personal potential. The Service offers free and confidential support.

Some of the Services provided include:

  • Psycho-educational counselling
  • Psychotherapy for various issues
  • Social/behavioural counselling
  • Academic and Career counselling
  • Emotional, Psychological and Interpersonal counselling
  • Substance use and abuse/ HIV/ STI counselling
  • Peer Counselling
  • Liaison with faculties on various academic issues
  • Liaison with hospitals on medical issues
Transportation Services Unit

The Transportation Services Unit develops and organises scheduled and non-scheduled transportation facilities in fulfilling demands for transportation services from students and academic/administrative units. The Unit also follows up procedures regarding the insurance, maintenance and repair of the transportation vehicles, prepares the contract terms for transportation services obtained from outside the University College and monitors and inspects purchased transportation services.

Campus Security & Safety Unit

The office of Campus Safety and Security fosters a secure environment for the academic and research enterprise. Emergency planning and routine safety operations are at the forefront for the departments in this area of University College Operations.

Our Mission

To ensure the safety, welfare, and security of the staff, faculty, students, visitors and property of CSUC through high quality services and leadership.

UC Health Services


The University College Health Service offers, experienced general practitioner and emergency medical care services to all members of the University College community: students (undergraduate and post graduate), staff, families, friends, visitors, employees or other organisations on campus and former students and staff.

Services provided  include;

  • Treatment of illness, injury, & other physical problems
  • Assistance with emotional & personal difficulties
  • Women’s Health: gynaecological & breast examinations, pap smears (& optional enrolment in reminder programs), pregnancy, ante-natal care, advice on terminations
  • Advice on contraception & sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS
  • Routine medical examinations & health checks (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Sports Medicine: treatment of injuries, referral to physiotherapy & specialists
  • Pathology testing, including blood tests
  • Travel Medicine: advice & immunisation, including for Yellow Fever
  • Advice & immunisation for students undertaking courses of study associated with health risks
  • Advice & assistance for students with examination difficulties
  • Special arrangements for students with disabilities
  • Referral to specialists & X-ray services