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CSUC Executive Hostel

We offer comfortable, reasonably priced hostel accommodation for all CSUC students.

It is not compulsory to use this service; many students have friends and relatives in Kumasi they can stay with. But for those who need it we offer excellent hostel facilities within easy travelling distance to the campus by bus or foot. The hostel is located in a desirable area of Kumasi.

The CSUC Executive Hostel accommodation is popular because it offers good value and is conveniently located in Odeneho Kwadaso, right on Campus.The Facility provides a clean, secure living environment and are ideal for students who are new to Kumasi.

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    Students are offered a choice of double or single occupancy rooms.
    Hostel bookings/fees must be made at least four weeks in advance.
    Rooms are allocated on first come first serve basis.




Rate Per Head For Academic Year (8months)


15% Non-Refundable Deposit For Reservation

45% Payment Before You Will Be Given A Room

45% Payment Before You Will Be Given A Room

2 in a Room Small (exec) 3,500 525 1,575 1,400
4 in a Room (exec) 2,150 322 968 860
1 in a Room (annex) 2,000 300 900 800
2 in a Room (annex) 2,000 300 900 800
3 – in -1 (annex) 1,350 202 608 540
4 – in -1 (annex) 1,500 225 675 600
5 – in -1 (annex) 1,200 180 540 480


CSUC Students (Ghs)



1-in-a Room type


2 – in – a Room type


4 in – a Room type


1 Day 100 100 100 30 30
1 Week 600 600 600 180 180
1 Month 2400 2400 2400 720 720


Applicants are to download a form at www.csuc.edu.gh or pick a form at the Hostel front desk. Completed application forms should be submitted together with the 60% deposit before a room can be reserved for continue student.

Freshers will also pay 60% of total fees for reservation. Students are to note that room reservation is strictly by first come first serve. Payments can be made at any branch of

FIDELITY BANK or BANKERS DRAFT payable to CSUC EXECUTIVE HOSTEL Details: A/C Name: CSUC Executive Hostel Branch: Ahodwo A/C Number: 1070300363123

Please indicate full name of Student, Student ID number and Telephone number on the slip and make photocopy before you submit the original pay- in – slip to the Hostel Manager/Porters for confirmation of payment

• Resident Students have the option to STAY DURING VACATION and pay for the period they stay.

• We also provide accommodation for Non – residential/ Weekend Students. They are encouraged to make advance bookings.

• Non- CSUC Students may also be provided with accommodation base on merit. We encourage Students and Staff to inform their friends and relatives about it.

• Always make enquiries about the room you want before payment.

For further enquiries contact the number below: 03220 28781 / 0247127728

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