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DR. Ernest Kwame Ampomah

DR. Ernest Kwame Ampomah



Educational Qualification

  • MPhil Computational Science and Engineering, University of Ghana - 2014
  • BSc Geomatic Engineering, KNUST - 2010

Areas of Specialisation:

  • Data Modelling
  • Intelligent Computing

Service to the Community

  • Examination Officer (Department of Computer Science)

Published Peer reviewed articles / Book Chapters/ Academic books 

  1. K. Ampomah, A. Ayensu, B. Amisigo, O. Agbenorku, (2017). Comparative Analysis of Laplace Transform and Finite Difference Modeling and Simulation of Solute Transport in Soil. (Case Study: Nitrate Solute Transport in Homogeneous Soil), American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences (ASRJETS) - ISSN (Online) 2313-4402. Volume 38, No 1, pp 235-249.
  2. K.Ampomah, E. M. Martey, C.G. Abilimi, (2017). Qualitative Assessment of Compiled, Interpreted and Hybrid Programming Languages, Communications on Applied Electronics (CAE) – ISSN: 2394-4714, Volume 7 – No. 7.
  1. K. Okai, E. K. Ampomah, (2017).The Influence of Facebook Usage on Christians, a Review, the American Journal of Biblical Theology, Volume 18, pp. 48

Research in Progress

  • Development and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms for Distributed or Multiprocessor Systems.
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