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Essential Support Services


Christian Service University College is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning and research and to
developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. The totality of developing these
global leaders is contingent on other essential support services beyond academics. At CSUC, the Centre
for Research and Business Development (CRBD), the Guidance and Counselling unit and the University Clinic
have all been established over the years to support entrepreneurship, socio-spiritual and psycho-medical
needs of its publics which prioritizes students.

The Centre for Research and Business Development (CRBD)
Call it the double-edge-source that supports book knowledge and industry innovations. The Centre was
established in 2016 to lead in activities towards harnessing various expertise and capital resources
to grow viable ventures and projects that would accrue to financial dividends for the University
College. It nurtures long term mutually beneficial relationships with its stakeholders including
local and international organizations and communities to enhance processes of social transformation.
CRBD undertakes research and consultancy services, resource mobilization, projects and the development
of business partnerships.

Guidance and Counselling Unit (GCU)
GCU forms part of the core mandates of the Chaplaincy unit which has been established to address the
spiritual needs of students and staff and to create and maintain an environment that promotes their
spiritual growth cum Christian values. The unit seeks to address difficulties of its clientele and aid
in the understanding and development of their emotional resilience to put into effect, real change
that fulfils academic and personal potentials. The services of GCU include psycho-educational
counselling, behavioural, emotional, peer and interpersonal counselling, career counselling and
psychotherapy for various issues as well as liaising with faculties on various academic issues and
hospitals on medical issues. At the centre of the GCU operations is the Christ-centred academic and
socio-medical experts who render free and confidential supports and guidance.

University College Clinic (UCC)
Incorporating health systems in educational institutions constitute a critical need for the total
welfare of students and staff. In relation to this, CSUC has provided a well-resourced clinic facility
that offers 24/7 general health care services to its stakeholders including students, staff, families,
friends, visitors, former students and employees of other organizations who patronise its campus.

To deepen such provision for a sustainable health care delivery, the Government of Ghana under
the Ministry of Health has recently introduced the ‘zonal health facility centres’ where second cycle
and tertiary institutions have been linked to authorized government health facilities to assist in
the provision of quality medical-care. Accordingly, the University College has its affiliation with
the Suntreso Government Hospital, Kumasi, and can boast of experienced medical practitioners who
are fully taking charge to assist in this regard. Now, the University Clinic has become a public
asset that extends various health services to its immediate localities.

Services provided include:
 Student medical examinations
 Special arrangements for students with disabilities
 Assistance for students with examination difficulties
 Treatment of illness, injury, & other physical problems
 Assistance with emotional & personal health difficulties
 Women’s Health: gynecological & breast examinations, pap smears, pregnancy,
counselling on pregnancy terminations, contraception & sexually transmitted diseases
 Assistance with Sports and Travel Medicine
 Advice on immunization need
 Routine medical examinations & health checks (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.)
 Pathology testing, including blood tests
 Referral to specialists & X-ray services

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