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CSUC Receives Support from Ghana Bridge Foundation In Germany


Through the initiative of Mr. Seth Osafo, the Council Chairman of CSUC, an NGO has been established in Germany with the goal to mobilize support for CSUC. The Head of the NGO is Mr. Christopher Herr.

An official website of the Foundation was published on December 15, 2021 to ensure the visibility of the Foundation at Ghana Bridge e.V. i.G._V1.3 РGoogle Präsentationen. For now, information on the site is only available in German. The English version will soon be added. The advantage for members of the Foundation is the direct contact to CSUC as well as to students and academics in Ghana. Members of the Foundation will occasionally travel to Ghana to meet students, entrepreneurs and pastors among others.

Meanwhile, regular progress report on CSUC is expected by the Foundation to share with their members and supporters. The donations from the Foundation are expected to primarily support the following:
1. Quality Improvement Programme
2. Scholarships Fund
3. Upgrading of IT infrastructure and services
4. Expansion of Nursing and PA Demonstration Centers

The Foundation has already received their first donations and will transfer 4,000 euros to the University College in February, 2022. The Foundation wishes to continue to work to expand the donor base and has planned out some projects and events for 2022 that will help generate more donations.

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