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Chapman Library Adopts Virtual Learning Approaches

Against the backdrop that ‘today’s library services give a blend of information resources and literature assistance achieved through the exploration of emerging technologies to satisfy its patrons,’ CSUC Chapman Library has adopted a multi virtual learning approaches to lead information service delivery that advances quality teaching, learning and research activities. According to the Librarian, Mr. Emmanuel Laryea, the initiative forms part of a continuos effort “to offer best of library services from information provision to information literacy training seminars, research and data software training programmes.”

The ‘CSUC Virtual Library Project’ (VLP) was introduced as a means of reaching out to especially non-resident students with electronic academic materials during the COVID-19 pandemic. The technique proved valuable and currently, there are over ten thousand (10,000) books made available to both faculty and students via the Virtual Library.

The VLP has established what we call the ‘Library One-on-One’ which is a major approach adopted to get faculty and staff of the University College acquainted with the Library systems for a better teaching, learning and research endeavours. It has also provided an easy access and convenient Library exposure through its training programmes such as the Online Public Access Catalog, Institutional Repository and subscriptions to Online Databases.

Online Databases Subscription

The Library subscribes to eleven databases through the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH), of which the Librarian is the current representative for private universities. The Online Databases provide a rich source of information such as Emerald, Ebsco Host and World Bank E-Library for teaching, learning and research experience, including the journal of these databases which are updated periodically with published academic papers.

Online Public Access Catalog: https://www.csuc.edu.gh/academics/library/

Other online informatory provisions including the Library Daily Alert, Digital Archive and the semester Newsletter publications have also been designed to give the academic community, extracts about the library, daily newspaper cover stories and updates on local and international days of recognition.

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