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Don’t Disturb My Peace -Says Mother Ghana

Elections once again is forthcoming and as a country it is natural that we fret over it.

So many things pervades the atmosphere during this time. Fortunately for our country Ghana, peace, stability and harmony have been our hall mark for years now. Electorates are being given the mandate to decide come December 7, who should be the next president of our republic Ghana. This is the time for supporters of each political party to cast their vote for their candidate or flag bearer.

It is a time for Ghanaians to say with one voice that this is the person we want to have as our leader and nothing more. It is not a time for war, neither is it a time for violence and making the atmosphere tensed with fright and panic. Ghana is a country that dwells in peace. We have had series of elections but peace has reigned over war for all this years and has earned Ghana the name “Peaceful Country” all over the world.

This has attracted people from different walks of life to troop in to our country to experience our lifestyle that graces us with peace this much. Foreigners invest in Ghana because they know they can always count on our peace and vouch for it. Peace has made our country beautiful, hospitable, receptive and worth visiting. What more do we want as a country.

Nonetheless, this peace that makes the country stand out amongst others can be distorted if we engage in all sort of war related activities during this elections. Stealing ballot boxes, wearing party t-shirts, speaking against another’s political affiliation can all lead to war and violence in our December 7 elections and when there is war, children suffer the most; Think about them.

All our day in day out activities will be halted. No Foreigner would want to trade with us or visit our land. Let’s not forget that tourism fetches the country a lot of money. This depicts that if doom¬† be falls our land it affects every division of our lives. Ghana will lose its glory and many other opportunities it is gaining.

A peaceful country is a healthy country. It is an election, it is momentary but the aftermath of it may be perpetual. We are not at the forefront of any war, it is only a decision making period.

Let us not as a country give in to war and violence because we only have one Ghana. I pledge to Peace, Stability and Harmony and I hope you do too.


Tontoh Sandra

Student Writer

B.A Communications

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