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CSUC Hybrid Entrepreneurship Lecture

If there is any core value that drives the CSUC brand, then it is the desire to provide spiritual,
moral, academic and professional training for entrepreneurship, public service, Christian
ministry, as well as effective participation in the labour market. According to John C. Maxwell, a
leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Against this
background, the leadership of CSUC as one of its initiatives to empower both students and staff
to have an entrepreneurial outlook organized a hybrid entrepreneurial lecture, delivered to both
physical and virtual audiences. The focus of the lecture was to teach and empower members with
practical steps to setting up their own businesses so as to provide solution to societal challenges.

Among the speakers were the president of CSUC, Prof. Sam Afrane, and the guest speakers
being Mr. Joseph Kyei Ankrah, Tax Administrator at Ghana Revenue Authority and CEO, of
Bridge of Hope Ltd. and Madam Ama Duncan a Ghanaian entrepreneur, author and the founder
of the Fabulous Woman Network.

All the speakers emphasized on the fact that, God has endowed all humans with skills, abilities
and capabilities. However, the reason some are so successful whereas others waste away is
mainly the way these traits are nurtured, encouraged, and enabled. As a matter of fact,
entrepreneurs also need enabling and empowering environments which not only ensure that their
game changing ideas are converted into achievable pursuits but also ensure that these
entrepreneurs have the necessary environment in which they can grow and prosper.

Among many lessons that were emphasized was the fact that formal education is key,
nevertheless, the ability to apply that education to brilliant ideas to help oneself as well as society
is priceless. As Jim Rohn an American motivational speaker opined, “Formal education will
make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” At CSUC, we believe in training and
challenging the minds and hands of our students practically to touch as many lives as possible.

To conclude this article, it is expedient to note that, there are many factors that make a successful
entrepreneur. As a take from the lecture, these selected factors are pertinent: self-discovery, that
is knowing what you can do best, and setting clear goals to achieving it; knowing one’s
audience; passion – an entrepreneur must be passionate about his or her dream since passion will
drive you to start even on a zero balance; willingness to start small; and humility to learn from
those who have already gone ahead. Above all, believe in yourself, and also in the fact that
success in every facet of life is achievable through the enabling power of God, the giver and
source of all good and perfect gifts (James 1:17).

Prepared by Nelly Dorborson
Acting PRO

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