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Bannahene Joins the Doctoral Trail!

untitled“I needed to compose myself not for monetary push, but, for the better part, social standing, grounds in specialization, and an addition of my service to the University College,” – Bannahene disclosed.

Dr. Stephen Bannahene now holds PhD in Service Marketing (Business Management) from Universidad Empresarial De Costa Rica, Costa Rica on the thesis topic: An Empirical Analysis of AAKER’S Brand Personality Scale on Brand Management Using Resource-Based Theory as a Benchmark at Private Universities in Ghana.

His research interests draw on experiences from Africa, especially Ghana, to inform theoretical developments in marketing that lies in the union of variety of Disciplines.

He has carried out several research projects on service quality, brand management, and competitive strategies for Private Universities as well as small and medium scale enterprises with expertise in consultancy works in the field of marketing and conference presentations.

Dr. Bannahene joined the Department of Business studies at CSUC as a Lecturer with a Master’s degree in Industrial Management from the University of Ghana and has worked for the past 12 years. He is currently the Dean of the School of Business with consecutive leadership record as Head of the Department of Management & General Studies. Dr Banahene is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, (CIM, UK).

He stakes on his passionate research-led approach to teaching, to encourage all to be research conscious and emphasizes on the need for continual research publications which he believes is key to climbing the academic ladder. He maintains that up and coming researchers and tutors should publish contents that aid in the quality tuition of their trainees and adds that, “they publish, publish right contents, and publish in the right journals”.
Dr. Bannahene affirms his passion for continued service to the CSUC Community.

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