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Message from Dean

Welcome to the CSUC School of Business. The School is strategically placed to produce high calibre, hands-on, competent and competitive business professionals for    both the local and international business market. The quality of our programmes have been proven in industry as employers often prefer our candidates over others.  Below are the motivations behind our growing success as a School.


The current competitive employment market, in knowledge-based economies, attracts students who can demonstrate knowledge of subject matter, professional competence and integrity. The School of Business, therefore, adopts an ethics and faith-based business model that combines contemporary concepts in business with a competency-based approach to develop and strengthen students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform on the job.

Goals & Objectives

The programme attracts candidates with no work experience, workers with identifiable knowledge gaps as well as those who want to top up their knowledge base or qualifications. The goal of our programme, therefore, is to equip students with the requisite business knowledge, skills and aptitudes necessary to enhance their career and life choices. The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Provide students with knowledge and skills that enhance their competitiveness in the job market
  • Provide students with knowledge and skills to enable them progress in their existing careers
  • Equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship to enable them establish new ventures and grow businesses.

Employment prospects

It is worth noting that many graduates in the sciences and the arts who occupy responsible management positions are pursuing business degrees and other analogous programmes in business. A look through advertisements in the dailies suggests there is an industrial need for candidates with Accounting/Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Banking and General Administration/Management background and expertise, considering the government’s freeze on recruitment by public insitutions. Hence pursuing a degree programme run by the CSUC School of Business enhances graduates’ chances of either establishing or securing a job after school.The reasons are our students receive good appraisals on industrial attachments and subsequently, some are offered jobs after the attachments.The career prospects for our graduates have and will continue to be bright as attested to by both employers and graduands reports.

For the entrepreneurial students, some have established successful businesses and consultancy services whiles others are managing family businesses really well, hence forging a good path for current students. SoB graduates who further their education undoubtedly excel as the positive testimonies keep coming in.
Our graduates occupy varied positions in the occupational structure in financial institutions, the education service, civil andsecurity services. Most enter as frontline staff and those with previous work experience make it to the supervisory or managerial positions.


Dean, School of Business

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