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School Of Graduate Studies 

IMG_3564Prof. Adu-Gyamfi -Dean, Graduate School (CSUC)

SGS is at the forefront of providing outstanding quality graduate education that allows graduates from the University College to be highly competitive in their chosen areas of study. The following

courses are currently on offer: MSc. Corporate Planning, MSc. Monitoring and Evaluation, MA in Christian Ministry with Management (Regular and Sandwich), and MSc. Accounting and Finance.

The curricula for all graduate programmes are carefully structured to respond to current needs and emerging challenges in the respective
areas or disciplines of the programmes. A conducive academic environment and flexible schedules allow diverse students’ needs to be satisfied. Courses within programmes are taught and facilitated by very experienced Senior Lecturers who actively engage students in the teaching and learning process.

Students are continuously helped and encouraged to actively participate in all learning experiences and to interact with lecturers and peers as part of efforts to provide an interesting graduate education experience.

SRGS also promotes good research work and research ethics among graduate students. Each student, in consultation with a senior member, is guided to identify an area for research which they undertake using appropriate and valid research methodologies. In Departments where special topics are included in the curriculum, students are encouraged to select significant areas of impact and helped to address them
through meticulous search and report processes.

Weekly seminars are organized to improve students’ research and reporting competencies in some Departments to offer them additional opportunity to present synopses of their studies, obtain guidance on data collection and analysis, as well as make presentations on their research findings. Through these efforts, students acquire transferable skills and learn to be focused, meticulous, critical and analytical to communicate effectively.

Students also learn to work either independently or in groups as different situations may demand.Steps are being taken to minimize or eliminate plagiarism among graduate students. An Institutional Review Board has been set up in the University College to ensure ethical standards and to protect human and ther subjects as well as the environment from any negative consequences of research.

A strategically located library facility offers graduate students an excellent opportunity to expand their access to learning resources. The library is reasonably stocked with hard copies of books and journals, with very reliable internet connectivity to facilitate information gathering, processing and transmission.

The School of Research and Graduate Studies is constantly working with Academic Departments and the Administration of CSUC to make graduate educationat CSUC a memorable experience for all graduate students. Our doors are wide open to all applicants to join hands with us as we strive to offer excellent and competitive graduate education in a conducive Christian environment.

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