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Library Regulations

Library Regulations


Precautions At The Library:

Library Users should collect ID tags for their bag/briefcase from the Library staff when they enter the Library. Library Users lib3are advised not to bring any valuable items or large sums of money into the Library. They do so at their own risk.


Borrowing and fines:

Library Users can borrow 2 books for 2 weeks which may be renewed for another 2 weeks. Overdue books will attract a fine determined by the Librarian and the University College Administration (reviewed from time to time). Reference books cannot be borrowed.

Faculty Members can borrow four(4) books for four(4) weeks and renew them for another period of four(4) weeks.

  1. Library Users are advised not to write or tear off pages in books, Journals, etc. Any contravention of this rule will attract a fine or any other appropriate sanction.
  2. Any loss of material will lead to the borrower paying double the current price of the missing material.


Conduct In The Library

  1. The Library is for private research/study and not for group discussion. Hence, silence must be maintained in and around the Library.
  2. Books consulted are not to be returned to the shelves but left on the tables.
  3. Seats are not to be reserved for friends. Vacation of a seat for more than 15 minutes entitles another person to occupy it.
  4. Library Users are not to wear a hat/cap in the Library.
  5. No umbrella should be brought into the Library.
  6. Food, water or any kinds of drink are not to be brought into the Library as these attract rodents and insects. The Library should always be kept neat.
  7. Library Users should submit their books and briefcase for inspection by the Library staff at the issue desk before leaving the Library.
  8. Students should always have their student ID cards with them for identification purposes whenever the need arises.
  9. Library Users should take note that the Library is closed on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 1:00 pm, when University College is in session, for the Wednesday Service.
  10. Library Users are to switch off their mobile phones before entering the library.
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