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Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)


Many libraries today use Library Automated Systems (LAS) to have their typical functions mechanized such that it becomes practical to have all functions to be performed with ease. One of such functions is the Online Public Access Catalog popularly known as the OPAC.

An OPAC refers to the system that allows a user of the library to know where library collections are located within the library, for easier access to them. OPAC replaces the traditional compartments of cards, usually designed into several drawers that hold these
cards and grouped according to author, subject and title categories.
In addition to pinpointing the locations of items such as library books on their designated shelves, OPACs perform other functions such as:

  • Allowing a user to place an item on hold, for later collection
  • Reviewing an item so other users can read such reviews to know more about them
  • Enable a user to generate a bibliographic list for research purposes

Our OPAC also has useful links to other aspects of both the university and library sections, as quick references to these sections which you can use.
You can use the OPAC to browse our catalog, but would need to register with the library in order to, for example, place a book on hold for it to be reserved for you or borrow a book from the library.

Kindly make your request at the Front Desk of the library.



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