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The Registry

Welcome to the Registry Of CSUC!

The Registrar is the chief administrative officer of the university reporting to the President and responsible for overseeing the day to day administrative affairs of the university. This includes oversight of Admissions; Human Resources; Campus Operations; and Academic Affairs. Other responsibilities of the Registrar include the following:

  • Ensure that the staff, faculty and overall services of the university are well organized and conducive to the development and progress of the university college’s mission.
  • Member of the Governing Council, which is in charge of strategic planning and overall management of the university.
  • Member of the Academic Board, which oversees matters related to curriculum development and academic policies.
  • Enter into agreements, sign documents and authenticate records on behalf of the University College.

You may contact the following departments within the Office of the Registrar at the links below:

Contact the Registrar:

The Acting-Registrar: Mrs. Sophia Gifty Awortwi

Administrative Block

[email protected]

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