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Welcome to the Academics section where you can find out more about courses being offered by CSUC and the various departments and how they are run

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities represents a diverse academic faculty within the University College, representing the following Departments;

1. Department of Communication

2. Department of Theology

3. Department of Planning and Development

The Faculty of Humanities has a team that is dedicated to you as an individual student. Our faculty are intelligent scholars and gifted teachers, but they are also mentors who care about helping you grow. Though each department focuses on a different discipline, the Faculty of Humanities is united by a commitment to academic scholarship and the integration of faith into the learning process, helping you become an informed Christian scholar who is prepared to be a leader and to make an impact on the world. Read More

Faculty Of Health And Applied sciences


In its quest to produce God-fearing health professionals for quality health care delivery and to help meet the growing health care demand in the country, the University College established the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences in 2014. Our faculty is made up of two departments (Department of Nursing, Department of Computer Science). The Information Technology Department is currently underway. Read More


The CSUC School of Business (SOB) was established in May 2013. The School of Business is one of the faculties in the university college and one of the foremost Private Business Schools in Ghana.The School has three (3) departments running several programmes. The departments are namely;

1. Department of Accounting and Finance

2. Department of Marketing, Logistics and Corporate Strategy.

3. Department of Management and General Studies.

Read More

School Of Graduate Studies

 graduation_imgAt the moment we run MA programme in Theology with Management, and preparations are being made to bring on board, MA in Biblical Studies (Old and New Testaments) and MBA studies in various disciplines of the CSUC School of Business. Read More

Center For Elearning And Extended Education


The Centre for Elearning And Extended Education (CEEE) of the Christian Service University College (CSUC) has been established as a central service unit with the mandate to promote leadership training and capacity building, professional development and quality teaching and learning not only at the University College, but also to the corporate business world in particular and society as a whole. Read More

University Library

library_imgWelcome to the CSUC Library webpage. You will find relevant information about the University College’s library, access to the library as well as contact details if you require them. The CSUC library is the nerve centre of all academic related activities in the University College. All academic affiliated functions such as teaching, research and learning find their functional support-base in the library where such materials are organized for easy accessibility to the university College community. Read More

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