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My Story… Testimony Of A CSUC Half Scholarship Recipient

“Don’t try anything stupid,” my brother shouted across the phone at me.

“I thought my life had come to full circle, a stop. My head was spinning. I could not think straight. After two years of toil, sweat and prayers, it all ended. I was out,” says Justice Appiah, a level 100 freshman and a proud benefactor of the CSUC’s Half Scholarship Scheme.

In 2012, after securing aggregate seven in the WASSCE results as a science student, I gained admission to a renowned public university in the country to read Electrical Engineering. But right from the beginning, I did not really understand the concepts I was being taught in class.

I was struggling to catch up but I couldn’t. Eventually after two years, as I was about registering online to begin my third year, the computer screen screamed at me, “you’re out”. I was out of school. That was when I called my senior brother who consoled me. My parents also consoled me.

But the only thing that kept me going was my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord kept me afloat. I started to search online again to see if there was a second chance for me. Then I came across Christian Service University College (CSUC).

My Dad encouraged me to make enquiries. I did. And now, I’m in. This time, I’m in to finish off brilliantly.


My story …The second and best chance

Christ through CSUC gave me a second chance. I call it the second best chance. Because not only have I been admitted but I have also been given a half scholarship. The scholarship offer slashed 50 percent of my tuition fees off, so I only pay half of the amount.

At CSUC, I notice the environment is different. I am happy at CSUC. The lecturers are patient, knowledgeable and kind. You can feel Christ here.

Being at CSUC has been worth it because, you are prepared in mind and heart to face life and succeed. My experiences of Christian fellowship at CSUC’s Wednesday Services have been awesome.

You realise that Christ has been fused into the life of the community. Staff and students both gather and worship the Almighty. I feel I am being prepared physically and spiritually to impact my world positively.

The point of university education is to prepare you for life. If you do not get the course you want at a public university, come over to CSUC if you fit in with any of its professional market-ready courses.

Allow the passion to serve and transform society to motivate you even in your choice of a university to attend as well as a programme to study, not how popular a university is.

Justice Appiah, is enjoying the CSUC Half Scholarship Scheme with two other brilliant students. Felix Asamoah Acquah is pursuing Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Human Resource Management (HRM) option whiles Ernest Obeng  is studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

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