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CSUC Students Create Mobile App – ‘InfoApp’

Communication between the CSUC and its students and stakeholders promises to be as easy as just a tap on your smartphone. This follows the development of an offline informational application- ‘InfoApp’ – by a group of CSUC students after receiving a six-week intensive training from World Friends IT Volunteers of Korea. The students are Messrs James Chris Kwakye, Samuel A. Boakye, Emmanuel Amoako, Kingsley Opoku and Johnson Osei Yeboah, all level 300 Computer Science students of the University College.
According to James Kwakye, the group leader, the offline ‘CSUC App’ would foster easier and faster communication between CSUC and its students in that it would be closer to users. It will only take a tap of your smartphone to access information on CSUC news, its core values and departmental information among other things.

“With limited internet data, you can access the ‘InfoApp’ and its availability is dependent on network availability, it will be as easy as using ‘WhatsApp’. In terms of access, it is highly advantageous and a smooth complement to the Website. It is preferable to the SMS texting in that the ‘InfoApp’ can accommodate more space and text,” Master Kwakye added.

Another participant in the training programme, Mr. Prince Agyemang, a Network Engineer and member of the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation, added that with the hands-on training in Website Development that he had received from the Korean IT Volunteers, he could now create and design a website.

“I had only read about how to createa website but now after this training, I can create a simple one. It has been a wonderful experience being taught by theWorld Friends IT Volunteers from Korea”, Mr. Agyemang said.

Song Kiwook and KinKyungmin, both members of the volunteer group, said that the training they and their team had given to the participants, would enable the latter to create various applications by themselves, sell them and make money out of the venture.

The training programme was spearheaded by Dr. Thomas Yeboah, the immediate past head of the Computer Science Department and Mr. Emmanuel Adinkrah, CSUC Systems Administrator and Co-Founder of the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation.

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