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Christian Universities Need Paradigm Shift

Former Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard Assurance Company and Vice President of Scripture Union (S.U. – Ghana) Mr. Baba Mahama, has urged universities with a Christian orientation to market Christ’s values, chief among them are integrity, excellence, commitment and hardwork.

Mr. Baba Mahama, speaking during a two-day retreat organised by the Chaplaincy Unit of Christian Service University College (CSUC) for leadership and staff of the university, advised them to market integrity as a core value of Christian universities. According to Mr. Mahama, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between universities with Christian orientation and those that are secular. He attributes this situation to the growing pressure of modernism on Christian universities as they strive to beat the competition of attracting excellent students and staff and retaining them.

Mr. Mahama asserted that Christian universities should market excellence, integrity and commitment as core values as the universities endeavour to grow from being good to becoming great. According to the S.U. vice president, when leaders of Christian universities give Jesus Christ the central stage in decision making, then God’s excellence seen in his divine creative works where he testified that “it was good”, would permeate every aspect of the life and practice of these universities. This would spill over into the lives of its students and alumni and on to the community and society as a whole. It then becomes a selling point for the university.

“The Christian banker would not massage figure figures but would work with integrity and excellence and the world would buy in to this integrity. Because this virtue is rare these days, it becomes a brand of the university and its products, a brand other universities would find hard to attain. In that manner, universities would exceed their targets and be excellent”, Mr. Baba Mahama added.

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