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CSUC Charged to Maintain Christian Identity

The Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante has charged CSUC to remain committed to the vision of the institution’s founding fathers of training professionals who will exhibit Christian values of honesty and integrity in their various fields of endeavour.

Most Rev. Prof. Asante who is also the Chairman of the National Peace Council was speaking at the 7th Senavoes Memorial Lectures organized by CSUC as part of activities marking the 40th anniversary celebrations of the University College. It was on the theme, “CSUC @ 40 Years and Growing: Renewing Our Identity”.

Most Rev. Prof. Asante, an alumnus of CSUC said as a Christian institution, CSUC had the responsibility to impart not only academic knowledge, but also moral and ethical values to students.

To this end, Most Rev. Prof. Asante encouraged authorities of CSUC to sustain the integration of Christian values and principles in the programmes of the University College.

Most Rev. Prof. Asante said it was wrong for anyone to draw a line between religious and secular way of life, adding that the work of God was not limited only to the work of pastors and church activities, but also applied to other fields of human endeavour.

“The impression is always created that secular profession does not reflect full-time service to God; that to serve the Lord full-time, one must enter into the ordained or vocation ministry; that unless one becomes a pastor, evangelist or a prophet, one can hardly claim to be doing the Lord’s work.

“People who think this way are caught up in the struggle between secular demands and desires (work, hobbies, sports, politics) and “sacred” (prayer, Bible study, worship, evangelism, and other church activities). They feel that their work is a secular activity and that they work only for a living and for the material things in life.

The consequence of this kind of thinking is that they end up working with little or no sense of godly purpose in their jobs,” the Presiding Bishop stressed.

Most Rev. Prof. Asante, therefore, called on all Ghanaians to use their professions to promote the work of God by exhibiting ethical and moral values at the workplace.

The “Senavoes Memorial Lectures” is a biennial event held in honour of Mr. Ransford Senavoe and Mrs. Juliana Senavoe, former Vice-Principal and Principal of CSUC respectively. The two-day event was held on the 3rd and 4th April, 2014.

It brought together former and current Trustees and Council Members; family members of the late Mr.  & Mrs. Senavoe; friends; and alumni of the University College.

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