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Steering Committee to Coordinate Friends Of CSUC Association Inaugurated- By IAO

The steering committee to coordinate the FRIENDS OF CSUC ASSOCIATION has been inaugurated in a short but solemn event on Wednesday 20th March 2024 at the CSUC Auditorium.


Since its establishment in 1974, CSUC has established a strong tie with individuals and groups from the Christian fraternity who have occupied an enviable position in the life of the institution as FRIENDS. The biblical concept of friendship as espoused by our Lord Jesus Christ (John 15:15) has guided the institution in her conscious approach to reach out to likeminded individuals and friends to build CSUC. As a matter of fact, the statute of the University College recognizes the enviable position of “FRIENDS”. For some reasons, the notable initiative faced some challenges. However, it is often said that it is better late than never. The 50th anniversary celebration has offered the institution the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and pursue new ones to build CSUC into a vibrant centre of academic excellence training men and women for the transformation of society.

Rationale and Mandate

In his opening remarks, the President of the Christian Service University College, Prof. Sam Afrane explained that the revival of the FRIENDS OF CSUC ASSOCIATION has become crucial particularly as the institution is 50 and is preparing to launch into the next 50 years. He revealed that the massive sustained growth realized in the institution’s 50-year journey is partly due to the contributions of friends who have supported in various capacities. He used himself as case study and recounted how he became a friend of CSUC (then CSC) through a friend and as a result of that friendship, became a Council member, Council Chair and now, the President. He admitted that as a Christian non-denominational institution unlike other Church affiliated tertiary educational institutions, with no guaranteed source of external funding and support, launching the institution into the next 50 years will require a robust and strategic partnership with well-meaning individuals and groups who identify with the mission and vision of CSUC. He expressed optimism that such a partnership will go a long way to ensure sustainability of the institution, particularly as the university college prepares to operate as a fully-fledged university.

The membership of the steering committee includes the following:

1 Dr. Samuel Brefo Adubofour Dean, School of Graduate Studies & Research
2 Rev. Justice Boffah Pokumensah Director, Institutional Advancement Office
3 Rev. Anthony Boateng Agyenim Chaplain
4 Mrs. Sophia Awortwe Counsellor
5 Mrs. Anastasia Afenu Principal Public Relations Assistant. HR & GA Office
6 Mr. Daniel Amankwah Senior Administrative Assistant, Institutional Advancement Office
7 Mr. Wonderful Adjei Arthur Alumnus
8 Mrs. Olivia Nketia Alumna
9 Mr. Samuel Owusu SRC External Affairs President


The nine-member committee was inaugurated by Prof. Sam Afrane with the following mandate:

  1. To identify and revive the relationship with old and new FRIENDS who will be willing to offer constant prayers to support the administration and management of the University College;
  2. To identify friends who will serve as resource linkers;
  3. To build and nurture relationship with friends who will personally commit to making financial and other contributions to support the projects and programmes of the CSUC.


In his acceptance speech, Dr. Adubofour, the longest serving faculty member in the Department of Theology and the Dean of CSUC Graduate School and Research, gave a brief run-down of the enormous contributions that CSUC has received from FRIENDS in the past. He specifically mentioned Mr. Dan Swanson who single handedly constructed the current multipurpose administration block within a record time of 12 months. In his estimation, CSUC has benefited from friends and the decision to reconnect and reconstruct is timely and commendable. On behalf of the members, he assured the CSUC community that the committee will work assiduously to revive the noble idea. He however invited both staff and students to come on board.

The Registrar of the University College, Mr. Andrews Kingsley Doku led a prayer session to usher the committee to work.

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