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I bring you greetings and best wishes of the new year in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Mg 2040The year 2024 is a unique year for Christian Service University College. The institution started exactly 50 years ago in January 1974. We give wholehearted thanks and praise to the Almighty God who is the owner and shepherd of this institution and has faithfully been our guide and guard in our 50-year journey. Our simple message is: “Ebenezer, thus far has the Lord brought us” (I Samuel 7:12).

When we look back and go down the memory lane, we are reminded of the great things the Lord has done and the faithful men and women he has used over the years.  We are reminded of the vision bearers who teamed up with the WEC Mission to develop the necessary governance, management and physical structures that gave birth to the College. We are also reminded of the five courageous young men who decided to be part of the pioneer class in January 1974. We salute these gallant men and women who sacrificed so much of their lives for CSUC of whom some have been called to glory.

Many who saw the beginnings of CSUC in 1974 can hardly believe what they can see if they visit the campus. In summary, the institution has transformed from:

  • a small Bible College with less than 100 students into a liberal arts University College with roughly 2000 students;
  • one academic programme to 11 Undergraduate programmes and seven Postgraduate programmes;
  • few buildings to a modern academic environment with the state-of-the-art buildings and supporting infrastructure:
  • about five faculty members to over 60 lecturers with diverse disciplines and expertise.

 Mg 2057Despite the shift from solely Theological programme to Liberal Arts education, the institution has maintained its Evangelical Christian stance and values. The CSUC brand of tertiary education is unique in several ways. It is characterised by Christ-centred education, promotion of industry led academic programmes, student mentorship scheme and entrepreneurship programmes, student support services, ICT driven education underpinned by Artificial Intelligence and scholarship scheme to enhance access to tertiary education. Undoubtedly, our current impact and influence is not restricted to only religious issues but it is now broader and more encompassing affecting the political, social and economic dimensions of the society.

Our journey has not been a rosy one. Our story is a chequered history, with both pleasant and challenging times. But one thing we have seen and fully convinced of without any iota of doubt is the faithfulness of the Living God. We have experienced his unfailing love, providential care and protection.

Our aim for this celebration is to thank God for what He has done for CSUC, celebrate our achievements, reflect on our challenges and lay the foundation for our future growth and development. Specifically, we plan to promote more partnerships with churches and para-church institutions locally and internationally; provide Solar Energy on our campus, procure a bus for the Nursing and Midwifery Department, upgrade our Information Technology infrastructure and expand our Scholarship Scheme for students.

The Golden Jubilee Anniversary is going to be a year-long celebrations comprising various interesting activities and programmes aimed at telling our story, sharing our experiences with the public, engaging our stakeholders and renewing our determination and commitment to build a better future to deliver quality Christian higher education. We are determined with the grace of God and prayer to actualize the vision of the institution to “become a Christian university known for excellence in Teaching, Research and Training of ethical leaders for transformation of society”.

We therefore extend a hand of fellowship to all friends and well-wishers’ home and abroad to join us in these celebrations and support us in various ways possible. We firmly believe that “God who has been our help in the ages past, will be our hope in the years to come”.

Long Live CSUC! Long Live Christian Higher Education!! Long Live Mother Ghana!!!

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