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CSUC Heralds 50th Anniversary Celebrations With A Mammoth All Night Prayer Vigil By Rev. Justice Boffah Pokumensah Director, Institutional Advancement Office

In the beginning, God created. . . (Genesis 1:1). It is often said that everything that begins with God ends well. It is against this backdrop that the Central Planning Committee of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations in conjunction with the Chaplaincy Unit of Christian Service University College has organised an all-night prayer vigil themed: “Ebenezer, the Lord is our help: Yesterday, Today and Forever” on Friday September 29, 2023 at the CSUC Auditorium.


The Chaplain, Rev. Anthony Boateng Agyenim welcomed the congregants and noted that the CSUC was on a journey to celebrate the goodness of God for the past 50 years and that the Council and Management of the institution have lined up a year long anniversary activities.IMG_1608 He however emphasised that without the superintendence of God, the institution will achieve nothing. It is in this context that as a Christian community, the prayer vigil was organized to “seek the face” of God through prayer at such a time to reflect on the past, present and future of the University College.

Praises and Worship Session

The moment of praises and worship was led by the anointed CSUC Mass Choir under the leadership of Pastor Akwaboah to give thanks and praise to God for his goodness and providential care over the past 50 years and counting. Indeed, the presence and power of God filled the auditorium as young and old members of the university community danced and sang spirit-filled songs.


The sermon was delivered by Rev. Simon Ampofo, an alumnus and founder of Gracefields Ministries (Head pastor, Gracefields Chapel).IMG_1645 He thanked the management and the chaplaincy unit for the opportunity to lead such a great service. He anchored his message on 1st Samuel 7:7-13 and explained that everybody including organizations need the help of the Lord because of the fact that the world is full of eventualities and vicissitudes. Rev. Ampofo explained the context of the passage to drum home that being in service to God does not exclude the presence of attacks from the enemy or opposition. He dichotomised between two kinds of help; help from God and help from man and assured firmly that the help from God is the most dependable, reassuring and timely. He challenged the congregation to make firm decision to rely on the help from God at all times. Relating the sermon to CSUC’s 50-year journey, he observed that as a member of the CSUC family, he fairly understands the growth trajectory of the institution and noted that the theme for the vigil is fitting and urged them that God’s faithfulness and help will transcend beyond the 50 years if the institution will continue the journey with God. After the sermon, Rev. Ampofo and other ministers of God persons led the congregation to pray on various topics such as infrastructural development, sponsorship, support systems, transformational leadership, partnerships, student growth, among many others.

Closing Remarks

IMG_1500The Vice President of CSUC and chairman for the 50th Anniversary Central Planning Committee, Dr. Stephen Banahene, speaking on behalf of the President, Prof. Sam Afrane, expressed appreciation to the congregation for honouring the invitation and remaining steadfast with CSUC through thick and thin. He reminded them that two activities concerning the anniversary celebrations have already taken place thus, the Media Soiree and the All-Night Prayer Vigil and pointed out that the other major upcoming activity will be the official launching scheduled for Friday October 27, 2023. He was optimistic that the good Lord will see the institution through the anniversary celebrations as planned and urged them to continue to support with prayers and participation in the lined-up activities.


The attendance was beyond expectation especially as the whole of Kumasi and some parts of Ashanti Region experienced intense raining few hours to the start of the programme.  However, the incessant rains did not perturb the students, staff and some alumni from attending the prayer vigil. Indeed, the Lord visited His people.

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