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Postgraduate Students Advised To Use Their Intellectual Property To Propel National Development

Office of Institutional Advancement

IMG_7864The immediate past Director for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Prof. Victor Kwame Agyemang, speaking as the special guest of honour for the 46th special postgraduate congregation at CSUC, has admonished the graduating class of 2023 to trust and work with God to accomplish his purposes in their lives. He shared his personal life experiences with the grandaunts and noted that God had a reason for bringing them to CSUC and exposing them to their respective academic programmes.

Postgraduate Education and National Development

Commenting on the theme for the graduation, “Postgraduate Education and National Development”, Prof. Agyemang noted that Ghana has been blessed with abundant natural resources yet is affected by “resource curse phenomenon”. That is, the exploration and the mining of the abundant resources have sadly not resulted in corresponding economic development. On the contrast, he was of the view that indeed, no nation can rely solely on its natural resource to develop. In fact, the surest way to develop is to maximise the nation’s potential “intellectual property”. Based on this premise, he charged the grandaunts to demonstrate the critical and analytical skills which are key ingredients of intellectual property and is the focus of postgraduate studies, to create jobs to foster national development.

Transformation in CSUC

IMG_8134Meanwhile, Prof. Agyemang has commended the past and present managements of CSUC for their exemplary leadership that had led to the transformation of the University College particularly in the last 10 years and called on all stakeholders to support the process.

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