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Take Advantage of “Education for Total Life” Offered At CSUC: President Charges Freshers During CSUC’s 47th Matriculation Ceremony.

The President of CSUC, Prof. Sam Afrane has charged the freshers for the 2022/23 academic year to take advantage of the “Education for total life” being offered by the University College. He made this call during the CSUC’s 47th matriculation ceremony held on Saturday March 4, 2023 at the CSUC auditorium.

Matriculation Ceremony
Matriculation is a formal event where new students are officially admitted into an institution of higher learning. In his report to the convocation, the President said that a total of 900 freshers were admitted into the University College to pursue cutting edge and market driven undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for the 2022/23 academic year. He emphasised that CSUC was promoting female education in Ghana and reported that out of the total admitted number for the 2022/23 academic year, 49% were males and 51% were females. The statistics also indicated sharp increase in enrolment of the nursing programme.

Education for Total life
As part of his address to the convocation, the president said that the CSUC offers healthy spiritual environment within which the student could develop sound Christian and solid moral character and the right attitudes for a successful future life. In line with this agenda, he stressed that the institution offers opportunities for regular worship, bible studies and positive relationship building.
In addition, he noted that the faculty and staff also offer continuous service as role models and challenged the students to aspire to greater heights in terms of character and academic pursuits. Some of the interventions being promoted to enhance the education for total life include the mentorship programme which is designed to allow small group of students to relate closely to a lecturer or senior administrator for the purpose of mutual learning and support. He also mentioned that in line with the agenda for promoting education for total life, the academic programmes have been structured to cover common mandatory courses in Biblical studies and Ethics, Life Planning, People and Society, Entrepreneurship Development and Leadership which are key ingredients in developing total transformative lives.

He ended by saying: “We believe that people are formed by what they learn either formally or informally – “whatever goes into any system determines the outcome”. Our goal [as an institution] is to produce students who are well prepared to live a fruitful life after graduation”.

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