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The increasing health challenges in recent times globally, Africa and specifically Ghana, raises concerns given the negative repercussions and threats these health challenges pose to the populace and economies at large. Therefore, there is the urgent need to device strategies to salvage this situation. In this regard, the Christian Service University College, as part of its contribution towards national development, is organizing a Conference on 2nd and 3rd February 2023 with the theme: ‘Addressing the Increasing Health Challenges in Ghana – Exploring Diverse Perspectives’. This Conference focuses on the religious, medical and socio-economic perspectives of health challenges in Ghana.


  1. Religious Perspective of Health Challenges
  • religion and health
  • spirituality and health
  • beliefs and practices
  • socio cultural beliefs and health


  1. Medical Perspective of Health Challenges
  • poor dietary
  • improper eating habits
  • chemicals used on foods for consumption
  • poor sanitation/uncleanliness/open defecation
  • pollution
  • self-medication
  • drug abuse,
  • indiscriminate use of herbal medicine


III. Socio-economic Perspective of Health Challenges

  • poverty and health
  • economic globalization and health
  • financial inclusion and health
  • aging and health


The following individuals and groups are encouraged to attend this important conference as either paper presenters or non-presenters.


  • Health Practitioners
  • Medical doctors
  • Health economists
  • Staff from Ministry of Health
  • Herbal medicine experts
  • Traditional herbalists
  • Professional economists
  • Academic researchers
  • Government officials
  • Reverend ministers
  • Doctorial and postgraduate students
  • Research institutions and organizations


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