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CSUC Introduces “Sponsor a Student Project (SSP)”

In addition to the CSUC Youth Leadership Development Scholarship Fund (YLDSF), the institution has introduced another student support scheme called “Sponsor a Student Project (SSP)”. The SSP is a compassionate initiative intended to mobilize financial resources to support the education of needy students at CSUC. It is designed to link needy students directly to specific sponsors who will kindly volunteer to pay either the full fees or part of a particular student pursuing an academic programme at CSUC.

A sponsor is free to support a student of his or her choice in any programme offered in the University College, allowed and encouraged where possible to provide mentorship, counselling and prayer support to the beneficiary student.

The project has a flexible payment arrangement that allows the donor to pay in full at the beginning of a semester or spread the payment within the year. The fees per student range between Ghc 4,000 to 7,000 per annum, depending on the course being pursued by the student. A donor can also sponsor a student for either a semester, a year, some years or all four years, depending on the donor’s financial situation


The benefits to the sponsor are definitely many. The sponsorship is an investment in the life and future of a young woman or man, which will yield invaluable benefits to both the beneficiary and the nation as a whole. The opportunity to mentor or counsel these young persons

will help shape their lives in times when positive influence on young people is dwindling. It will simply be fulfilling and exciting to see a young person develop to become a great achiever and a person


of value to society in future. Above all, there is the blessing of God for such good cause. The College wishes to appeal to individual donors, friends and organizations to support the Project.

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