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CSUC Inaugurates ICT Board

Christian Service University College (CSUC) has inaugurated an ICT Board on Thursday,
October 28, 2021 to further enhance ICT operations at the University College.

The inauguration is in line with the institution’s Quality Improvement Programme for the
institution to attain new heights. The Board is composed of four (4) internal staff and three
(3) external members who work in the ICT / telecommunications industry.
Speaking during the short ceremony at the CSUC conference room the President, Prof. Sam
Afrane who undertook the inauguration posited that the formation of the Board was necessary
because, “we want to make CSUC an ICT hub”.

He charged the Board to play an advisory role in steering ICT-related affairs under the
auspices of the institution’s Academic Board. He also drew attention of members to aspects
that require immediate attention such as designing an ICT policy and plan, and also to
provide immediate project priorities with a budget for attention.

The President expressed his expectations that the Board’s role will lead to significant
technological transformation to benefit various constituents of the University College. These
include mainstreaming ICT in the teaching tools; using ICT methods for quality teaching and
learning; using it as a support system for the library’s digitization, financial management,
security control system, and as an administrative support mechanism.

He further asserted that ICT is essential and central to any progressive institution, hence,
CSUC is committed to make serious investments into its infrastructure and operations.
For his part, the Chair, Prof. Alexander Kofi Anning affirmed his appreciation and support on
behalf of the Board to work assiduously to promote the ICT agenda. He was also hopeful
about the institution's commitment to invest into ICT and expressed the confidence in the
competence and expertise of members that the Board will fulfill its mandate given the
necessary investments.


Report By:

Anastasia C. Erzuah, Public Relations Office, CSUC


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