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Semester Theme for 2021/2022 Academic Year

Christian Service University College still remains your home of Academic excellence and at the
centre of its higher learning mandates is the Christian discipline. CSUC continues to ‘promote
knowledge for the training of men and women in Christian values and principles through the
organization of its regular chaplaincy activities and programmes. These include weekly staff
fellowship and church service and most importantly, the introduction of semester-based bible
themes that aid both students and staff to embark on their daily obligations. In accord, the theme
for the 1st semester of the 2021/2022 academic year is based on ‘Jesus’ calling of a
disciplined lifestyle in all endeavours of life’, referencing (Colossians 1:10).
Exhortation from the Chaplain, Rev. Anthony Boateng-Agyenim
“Welcome brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a great joy to see old friends again and the
opportunity to meet new ones as we begin a new academic year and a new semester. Based on
our theme: ‘Walking in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ’, and the prayer of Paul for the
Colossians, this theme is a call to a disciplined lifestyle in all endeavors of life, arising from
Christian principles, for both staff and students.
In the course of this semester, we are going to derive sub-themes from the main theme among
which are: ‘Being filled with the knowledge of godliness, The right manner of prayer, bearing
fruit of righteousness., building godly relationships and experiencing the strength and power of
the Gospel’.

As you can see already, we have an exciting semester ahead of us. I urge you all to prepare
yourself; be fully involved in chaplaincy activities and aim at being fully equipped to walk in a
manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.
May the good Lord of all grace endow you with all abundance and blessings in Christ through
the power of his sustaining Holy Spirit. Amen!”


Report By:

Anastasia C. Erzuah, Public Relations Office, CSUC

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