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Ever Failed in Life?


In life, it is not all the time that things go the way you planned, envisioned or wished. Life has its own way to deny mankind certain things our heart, soul and mind yearn for so much. Failure is one of the mechanisms that rid man the ability to achieve the set goal. It is true that failing in life is very painful and disheartening but in as much as it presents sorrow to it’s victims sometimes the impact of it is a lifetime reward of excellence.

It is no news that a lot people known as legends of our time have passed through this ice of failure before emerging victorious.

Have you ever thought of failure being your mindset too? Yes, many a times we hope for the best but we expect the worst. And if you silently believe that whatever you have invested in won’t produce anything positive why await success?

A whole lot of people have given up on life because they refused to embrace failure as part of life . Let’s not forget that gold passes through fire before it comes out sparkling.

Failure is that part of life that is inclusive to everyone¬† and inevitable by none. Let’s not always treat it or perceive it as a setback in life but rather an aspect of life that toughens us and bring us out the best in us if we ever decide to give it a try again and not quit.

No man on the face of earth can boast of being strong before failure because it is not easy to fail and even accept that you have failed. So how about embracing it ?

How about pumping some more encouragement and positivity into your dispirited heart after failing and saying I succumbed to failure today but never tomorrow.

Until you a learn a good lesson out of failure you have failed for nothing. We keep shying away from it but it keeps chasing us around; why not face it squarely today, review what made you fail and correct it to make it flew from you the next time it shows it’s cold head.

It is possible to win after failing, why not let go of the pain failure has caused and see the brighter side of it.

Just know that at first you started with absolutely no knowledge about the activity but now you are starting with experience and a good one so to speak






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