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Christian Service University College welcomes one of its own On-Board

CSUC is once again excited to welcome one of its products Mr. Edward Opoku-Mensah from the
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), based in Chengdu in the
Sichuan Province. He pursued a Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology.

Edward is one of the outstanding alumni of the 2014 year group from the Computer Science and
Engineering Department. During an interview, he expressed profound appreciation to
management of the institution for recommending him to benefit from the fully funded university
scholarship program offered by the UESTC. The scholarship included tuition waiver, medical
insurance, accommodation and a monthly stipend.

During his studies at UESTC, Edward received lots of awards and medals including a Guinness
World Records certificate and the Huawei Medal of Contribution. He was also honoured for his
brilliant work in the Ghana Solution Sales and Delivery Department, as a Network Technology
Engineer at Huawei. His achievements included a number of others not mentioned here.
This is one of the many opportunities CSUC offers its hard working and promising students. In
Edward’s case, the selection criteria were primarily based on merit, with focus on academic
performance, traits of leadership, and extracurricular activities. The greatest emphasis is on
academic performance which saw Edward completing his programme with a cumulative GPA of

As a foreign student in a strange land, there were many cultural differences and challenges that
could have compelled him to give up. Recalling his experiences, he said, “in order to reduce the
pressure from my laboratory work and research, I ended up having to travel a lot during my time
away from home. In the beginning, language barrier was an issue. Even though I had some
Chinese friends who were fluent in English, not everyone was English proficient. It generated
some friction and I almost gave up, but decided to enhance my Chinese proficiency instead. By
enhancing my ability to speak the language, I was able to fit in a lot easier and enjoyed my
travels and sports”.

Out of his many experiences, one thing that stood out for him is the high rate of technological
advancement in both research and development. As a result, the proof of theoretical concepts by
students is greatly appreciated and pursed for further research possibilities.

He therefore advises all, especially the youth, to have a high level of dedication towards any path
they pursue, regardless of their objective. He further added that, the less judgemental people are
the more open they can be in the fields of research and academia.

He also expressed his joy about the level of enthusiasm here at CSUC and the Computer Science
Department. “We’re currently working on a number of internal and external products and
services. I believe in the Computer Science and Information Technology team, and we’ll be
working jointly to wow the world,” he asserted.

The exciting news for both students and staff of CSUC in the current dispensation of technology
is Edward’s excitement to share his experiences, innovations and knowledge base with
everyone, especially students.

Prepared By: Nelly Dorborson
Acting Public Relations Officer

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