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Dean Of Students

Dear CSUC Students,
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Christian Service University College (CSUC). Your study at Christian Service University College
is an opportunity of discovery, and we are here to support you along the lines of your spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and professional
development. As the Dean of Students, my responsibility is to lead the Division of Student Affairs in supporting the most valuable asset the
College has: our students!

Being a member of this university community provides each of us the opportunity to learn from each other and practise the responsibilities that
are required for the university community to be safe and welcoming to each of its members. This is made possible through imbibing and practicalising
our core values; namely acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, hard work that requires integrity, good stewardship and mutual support and care.
The Office of the Dean of Students aims through this website to activate one of the most significant tools of communication between the student
of the University College and potential students of the University. I encourage you to regularly visit the CSUC website and avail yourselves of the
breadth of information included in our newly designed website.

Again you are advised to read the Students’ Handbook which has been prepared with you in mind and contains answers to the questions most
frequently asked by freshmen/women, the University College’s policies and procedures, as well as know your individual rights and responsibilities
under theme “the Student’s Code of Conduct.” Take time to read each section and you will be happy to be a part of the University community.
Thank you. You’re Welcome!

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