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CSUC Hosts Robotics Boot Camp With GRAF

The Centre for Research and Business Development (CRBD) and the Computer Science Department of the Christian Service University College, in collaboration with the Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation (GRAF) have held the first robotics boot camp in Kumasi, Ghana from August 19 to 22, 2019.

The 4-day trainer-of-trainers’ session was to step up the activities of Robotics Inspired Science Education (RiSE) for Ghanaian students from the Basic to University levels.

According to Mr. Michael Wilson, Chief Trainer for GRAF, the key feature of GRAF’s training design is the use of robotics principles to solve real life problems. 


Earlier this year, Ghanaian students trained by GRAF won the coveted 2019 World Robofest Competition held in Michigan US, in competition with their counterparts from the US, China, Japan, South Korea and South Africa among others.

The President of CSUC, Professor Sam Afrane, expressed his pleasure for the opportunity of the two institutions to employ technology for the cognitive development of students and to address the complexity of challenges facing humanity today. 

According to Mr David Kwao-Sarbah who coordinated the programme has indicated that the boot camp is the beginning of a collaborative enterprise between CSUC and GRAF to strengthen RiSE and training activities through the middle sector to the northern parts of the country.

Mrs. Linda Amoako, Head of the Computer Science Department, indicated that robotics has been adopted in the Department to make the Computer Science programme beneficial to trainees and raise the market value of CSUC students.

Meanwhile, Mr Kwao-Sarbah further stated that both private and public educational institutions (from basic to university levels), neighbourhood clubs, religious groups, etc., within this sector of the country would benefit from training in robotics, and will have the opportunity of participating in regional, national and international competitions.

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