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CSUC Runs Consultancy Workshops for M&E Students

The Centre for Research and Business Development (CRBD) is running series of workshops for Master’s students of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) programme of the Christian Service University College. This is in line with the CSUC model for students to blend theory with relevant practice in their field of study.
According to the Assistant Director of CRBD, Mr David Kwao-Sarbah, the workshops are designed to prepare the students for engagement on a competitive consultancy project that has been won by the University College. 

The Consultancy project was commissioned by Gold Fields Ghana Limited (GFG) and competed for by CSUC among high-profile local and international consultancy firms to undertake a Social Return on Investment (SROI) study, to ascertain the monetary values of outcomes and socio-economic impacts on beneficiary communities in order to guide the company’s future allocation of resources. 

Mr. Kwao-Sarbah explained that the first workshop dwelt on deriving outcomes for identified stakeholders for each of the projects that Gold Fields Ghana has commissioned for the consultancy study, and generated indicators for each of the outcomes. 

He also indicated that the M&E students would be included in the subsequent phases of the field work for data collection, data analysis report writing and presentations.

Meanwhile, the President, Prof. Sam Afrane has assured that the University College will use such avenues to provide hands-on experience to develop these students for market-related challenges and also prepare them in line with industry requirements.

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