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Universities Urged To Produce Research Geared At Solving Societal Problems

Ace broadcaster and the Chief Executive Officer of Apotiti Consult, Mr. Kwame Adinkrah, has asked universities to share their research works and findings with the public by disseminating relevant findings on media outlets as their contribution to resolving the many problems plaguing the society.

Mr. Adinkrah disclosed this when he delivered a professional lecture to students and faculty members of the Communication Studies Department of the Christian Service University College on the topic: ‘Employing Communication to bridge industry-academia gap, perspectives of journalists.’

The renowned broadcaster encouraged university faculty and students to identify problems within the society, undertake research on them and share their findings with the public. He averred that this is an effective means of getting the attention of policy makers on the issues investigated to have them resolved.

“This is certain to close the gap between academia and industry and make university education more relevant to the society,” Mr. Adinkrah indicated.

He added that this step would demystify university education as being largely theoretical  with little or no practical relevance for societal growth and development.

Head of the Communication Studies Department Mr. Asuamah Adade Yeboah encouraged the media to provide platforms to facilitate this process.

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Mrs. Adwoa S. Amankwah, urged students and staff to prepare and position themselves strategically to access this opportunity.

The lecture was well attended by students as well as lecturers of the Communication Studies Department, the CSUC Dean of Students and students from other departments.

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