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CSUC launches ‘Ladies of Excellence’ Association

The Principal of Jackson College of Education (JEC), Mrs. Theodosia Wilhemina Jackson has advised women to be more tolerant, patient and loving to sustain their homes and families. She urged them to be more content of their body-make up and lifestyle and also see them as unique gifts from God.

Mrs. Jackson made this pronouncement during the launching of  the ‘Ladies of Excellence’ Association, a group comprising of female staff of the CSUC. The launch was also to help mobilize all female staff of Christian Service University College (CSUC) and empower them to take up leadership roles in various capacities.


As part of the event,there was poem recital, music ministration, and a mini drama to commemorate the ceremony during CSUC’s Wednesday church service yesterday. The Drama which was entitled ‘maturing in love’ covered the story of some able women in the Bible who used their unique roles to fulfill God’s mandate on earth.

It touched on Esther the Jew and Persian Queen whose beauty, courage and wisdom saved the Jewish race; Abigail – the woman who patiently managed her home and used her communication skills and grace to deliver her family from destruction; Mary Magdalene, the woman possessed with seven demons who later became the Apostle of Apostles to the Lord Jesus Christ and Ruth, Naomi’s daughter in-law, who through her faithful service, earned a place as descendant of the Lord Jesus Christ.The audience was thrilled by the remarkable performance and commendedthegreat movemade by the women’s wing.

Earlier, the President of the Group, Dr. Mrs. Joyce Ama Quartey mentioned that the ‘Ladies of Excellence’ has come to stay. The new executives who would lead the group were also introduced.


Rev. Dr. David Okai, a lecturer of the Theology Department and a women’s empowerment advocate, urged the group to develop the potentials of its members to make them kingdom-minded women.




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