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Message of the Dean

Message from Dean

There is a dearth of, and/or an inadequate supply of teachers from the Colleges of Education and the teaching universities yearly to meet the 21st century demands of an ambitious growing mother, Ghana.

The sorry situation we now have in Ghana is that there are many potentially viable basic schools (both public and private) that are “forced”, so to say, to operate without the requisite number of properly and professionally trained teachers.

This is affecting the quality and standards of education in Ghana to the extent that this is spiraling over to the tertiary level.

The CHRISTIAN SERVICE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, Kumasi, deems it as part of its christian duty and service to help ameliorate the situation, with a view to stopping some of the consequences of the down-trend of quality education in Ghana

In this light, the Faculty of Education, has the following targets/goals in view to achieve/attain:

[2018/2019 Academic Year]
1. Commencement of the B.Ed (Basic Education) programme
2. Commencement of the B.Ed (Early Childhood Education) programme

[2020/2021 Academic]
3. Commencement of the B.Ed (Mathematics) programme
4. Commencement of the B.Ed (Arts) [English Option] programme
5. Commencement of the M.Ed (Information Technology) programme
6. Commencement of the Post Graduate Degree / Certificate in Education programme

(b) MEDIUM-TERM COMMITMENT [2021/2022 – 2026/2027]

7. Commencement of the B.Ed (Science) programme to cater for:
• Physics Option
• Chemistry Option
• Biology Option
• Agricultural Science Option
• Integrated Science Option

8. Commencement of the B.Ed (Arts) programme to cater for:
• RME option
• History Option
• French Option
• Ghanaian Language Option

9. Commencement of the B.Ed (Social Sciences) programme to cater for:
• Social Studies Option
• Geography Option
• Economics Option

10. Commencement of the B.Ed (Business) programme to cater for:
• Accounting Option
• Management Option

(c) LONG-TERM COMMITMENT [2027/2028 – 2034/2035]

11. Commencement of the MPhil and PhD programmes in:
• Basic Education
• Early Childhood Education
• Mathematics Education
• Science Education
• Information Technology Education
• Arts Education
• Social Sciences Education
• Business Education
• Educational Administration
• Educational Leadership

(d) CONCURRENT / INTERIM COMMITMENTS [2018/2019 onwards, as and when due]

12. Adoption of the various modes / approaches of instruction
• Face-to-face mode (at CSUC campus)
• Distance-Education mode (at selected centres in Kumasi and beyond)
• E-Learning mode (over the internet)

13. Running of Short-term / Refresher courses / workshops; and award of:
• Certificate (which would count towards admission to Level 200 of the corresponding diploma programme at CSUC);
• Diploma (which would count towards admission to Level 300 of the corresponding degree programme at CSUC)

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