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President Of One Of Africa’s Leading Universities Speaks To CSUC Staff On Internal Motivation

Dr. Patrick Awuah, President of the renowned Ashesi University College has spoken to CSUC staff on the need for internal motivation during a two-day retreat organised for CSUC staff by management.

According to Dr. Patrick Awuah, a major driver of institutional success for any organisation is to have a team that shares similar values and sticks to those values in all situations.

“At Ashesi, we have had to take some difficult decisions to ensure that both our team of faculty and staff as well as students consistently align themselves to those values that we hold dear, namely leadership, scholarship and citizenship. This motivation is driven by a strong desire to ensure student success” said Dr. Awuah.

“Living by your values energises everyone. The quality of your relationships is determined by your personal, professional and institutional relationships” added the Ashesi University College president.

President of Christian Service University College, Prof. Sam Afrane added that to be internally motivated for the right reasons is hinged on right attitudes. So he encouraged CSUC staff to adopt the right attitudes to work, time and relationships in all aspects of their lives.

Dr. Peter White, senior lecturer of the Theology Department and acting Chaplain of CSUC added that internal motivation is premised on one’s passion for doing what he or she does. Additionally, staff should see their work as an appointment given them by the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

“I have been very much challenged to live a life of purpose from what Dr. Awuah has shared with us,” added Mr. Charles Opoku, a graduate of CSUC on national service at the University College.

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