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Presidential Vision Statement


Christian Service University College (CSUC) was established in 1974 as a nondenominational Theological College to train theologians and other professionals for the service of the church and society. It was transformed into a University College in 2005 to offer other non-theological courses in keeping with the original vision of the founding fathers. Currently, the CSUC has three Faculties, nine departments, four post-graduate programmes with about 1600 students.

Although the institution has made considerable progress regarding introduction of academic programmes, modest infrastructure, good image, high academic standards etc, it however, faces a number of challenges including reducing student population resulting from competition, limited funding, inadequate senior faculty and administrative staff and arduous accreditation and affiliation requirements.


As President and Chief Executive of CSUC, my vision can only be realised with the full support and policy direction of the Council of the University College. My philosophy is that ‘no one succeeds alone’, therefore building a good relationship with the College’s internal and external stakeholders to me is a vital precondition for the success of the vision.

The Vision

The vision of CSUC as stated in the Strategic Plan of the University College (2012-2022) is: “To be a Christian University, Known for Excellence in Teaching, Research and Training of Ethical Leaders for societal advancement”. Within the framework of this strategic direction, my vision for CSUC during my term of office is to: ‘Attain the status of a full-fledged University with a Presidential Charter within Two to Three years

In more concrete terms, through the realisation of this status, CSUC will become:

i. The best Christian private university in Ghana and among the top three in SubSaharan Africa;

ii. One of the best teaching and learning environments in the country where most stakeholders are satisfied and well-motivated;

iii. Recognised as a World Class Institution of repute and excellence.

Goals and Strategies

A Vision requires goals to clarify its intent and to move it towards point of realisation. In addition, a vision must be supported by effective strategies. It is said that ‘a vision without credible strategies is a dream’. This document therefore outlines my goals and supporting strategies that will ensure the actualisation of the vision.


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