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CSUC Lecturer Launches Books

Dr. David Okai, lecturer at the Department of Theology, Christian Service University College has launched two books titled “The Kingdom of God is spiritual warfare” and “God’s Kingdom-minded women”.

Rev. Dr. David Okai, in launching his books, explained that “The Kingdom of God is spiritual warfare” is a book that exposes readers to the spiritual battle believers engage in consciously or unconsciously everyday as they strive to carry out God’s purposes for their lives.

“God knew humanity would fall so He made provision for our redemption right from creation by providing his only son as propitiation for our sins. So in this warfare Jesus Christ, God’s only son, has won the battle for believers” Dr. Okai asserted.

In the second book “God’s kingdom minded women”, author Dr. Okine exhorts the church and its leadership to encourage and nurture women God has called into Christian ministry.

Dr. Okai added that “God’s Kingdom operates based on the principle of inclusivity. Jesus demonstrates this by using Mary Magdalene as the first Christian evangelist as she goes to tell the disciples that ‘Jesus is risen'”.

President of CSUC and Chairman for the book launch programme, Prof. Sam Afrane, testified positively of Dr. Okai’s books and encouraged the audience to get copies of the books.

Prof. Afrane explained that Rev Okai’s books demonstrate the intellectual acumen of African scholars, as the author through his books, “has interpreted scripture in a contemporary African style in such a manner that Africans can relate to and apply it in their lives.”

Co-chairperson for the programme, Mrs. Anita Kusi Boateng a Master of Arts graduate student in Theology with Administration, added that Dr. Okai’s books have indeed shown Christians how to engage in spiritual warfare and given female ministers and church leaders the much-needed encouragement to do the Lord’s work.

The programme, organised at the University College auditorium, was well attended by staff, students of CSUC, church leaders and the clergy.

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