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CSUC Rolls Out Entrepreneurship Programme

CSUC has introduced an entrepreneurship programme for final year students to equip them with business ideas and adequately prepare them for the job market. The programme offers the students a unique opportunity to initiate, develop and implement business ideas.

It also provides them with the platform to interact with well-resourced business and entrepreneur experts, share and exchange ideas, seek guidance and direction, and discuss solutions to challenging business initiatives.

The programme is organized by the Business Development Office of CSUC fortnightly on Fridays, and is facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs and business executives from corporate Ghana who share their ideas with the students.

The entrepreneurship programme addresses topics such as the Realities of the Economy and the Employment Situation; Surviving in the Current Jobless Economy; The Bible and Entrepreneurship; Becoming an Entrepreneur; and Building Money Management Skills. Others include Building Your Potential/Identity and Releasing Your Potential; Professionals Day; Developing Health Work Ethics and Attitudes; as well as Leadership.

During the first event which marked the launch of the entrepreneurship programme, Prof. Sam Afrane, President of CSUC said several factors such as the ever-increasing number of graduates, major government debt servicing, the crippling private sector and the negative impact of technology on employment combined to put strain on job opportunities in Ghana.

He therefore, stressed that the future of job creation for the youth in Ghana rested with themselves. His presentation was on the topic, the Realities of the Economy and the Employment Situation.

Mr. Joseph Kyei Ankrah, Director of Bridge of Hope Limited also addressed the students on the topic, Surviving in the Current Jobless Economy. He asked them to fully take advantage of the programme to strategically position them on the job market.

Mr. Ankrah also challenged the students not to solely rely on organizations for employment, but rather initiate and develop business plans to survive on the job market, and create employment for other graduates as well.

The students were tasked to prepare business plans for innovative ventures that could be marketed to consumers.

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