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The Centre for Leadership and Professional Development (CLPD) of the Christian Service University College (CSUC) has been established as a central service unit with the mandate to promote leadership training and capacity building, professional development and quality teaching and learning not only at the University College, but also to the corporate business world in particular and society as a whole. The Centre focuses on the design, administration, teaching and management of all professional and non-academic programmes run by the University College. These consist of short duration certificate programmes, training workshops, seminars and conferences organised within and outside the University College campus.

CLPD promotes and supports individual and group learning by providing opportunities for acquiring new and employable leadership and professional skills and capabilities in the current knowledge-based global economy. The CLPD further offers customised training programmes for organisations and tailor made professional development programmes for individuals or groups. The Leadership courses and seminars in particular, aim at improving individual’s performance by identifying leadership potentials and maximising these potentials, increasing leadership efficiency skills and preparing leaders to meet the difficult challenges of today’s economy and business world.


Our Vision

The vision of the CLPD is “to be the preferred destination choice for leadership, continuous education and professional development in Business, Theology, Information Technology and Communication Studies, as well as other relevant areas of study and capacity building”.


Our Mission

To provide cutting-edge training services to individuals and groups using the most up to date technology and the best professionals in the field in the sub-region in particular and globally as a whole, by providing customer driven, cost-effective, innovative and best practice in service delivery”.


Our Objectives

The Centre seeks to: identify and build leadership potentials, improve employees’ job performance, provide marketable skills and expand the horizons of all participants. The following constitute the competitive advantage being provided by the Centre:

  1. Affordable and quality training programmes
  2. One-stop service at a convenient location
  3. Convenient and flexible scheduling for employees and employers
  4. The central location of the University College
  5. A Christian environment built on sound biblical doctrine and practice

The CLPD supports and enhances all aspects of academic excellence by assisting faculty and students to improve quality of teaching and learning respectively. The CLPD provides tutoring for numerous courses. It sponsors seminars, workshops and discussions for faculty and graduate teaching fellows on strategies for successful teaching and learning. Through these and other activities, the CLPD plays an increasingly important role in enhancing the quality of academic life at the University College.

With the mandate to engage in short-term professional development programmes, CLPD also aspires to a high standard of reputation at the local, national and international levels, and to be a leading edge in innovative use of technology in the classroom. The Centre collaborates with faculties and departments within the University College to support the College’s institutional goals of excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and research.

It is the expectation of the CLPD that all programmes and activities designed will lead to the development and growth of Christ-centred men and women with the values, principles, morals, ethics, knowledge and skills essential to impact their tomorrow’s world.

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