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CSUC Scholarships

CSUC Scholarships


To recognize students holistically, CSUC considers academic achievements in the classroom as well as on societal contributions. The following scholarships are available to enrolled, qualified and eligible students. The selection of award recipients is conducted by a committee of eminent persons.

CSUC Half Scholarship Scheme

The Christian Service University College, CSUC, is offering half scholarships covering one academic year to applicants with SSSCE or WASSCE aggregates six (6) to 12. The half scholarships absorb half of the tuition fees of qualified applicants and make education more affordable for the applicants and their sponsors. This means that qualified and brilliant but needy students can also access the facility with just 50% of the tuition fees that other students pay.

The scholarship, which could be extended to cover subsequent years of the applicant’s education at the CSUC, is subject to continued academic brilliance (a Grade Point Average of 3.60 and above). In addition, the applicant must demonstrate integrity as well as high Christian, moral and ethical standards.
Eligible candidates may kindly apply to access the half scholarship by following the processes below;

  1. Buy the CSUC application forms and indicate your intent to apply for the Scheme.
  2. Request for a scholarship form
  3. Fill out the scholarship form
  4. Shortlisted candidates shall be invited for interviews
  5. The CSUC Academic Board shall approve of and write to the qualified applicants
  6. The results of the applicants shall be verified by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), then the scholarship will be awarded.


The Bill Chapman academic awards is given to students who have performed exceptionally in their respective academic fields. The award includes a full scholarship, covering tuition fees for one (1) academic year for best student (Level 100 – 300) of each academic department. The award is in honor of the late Bill Chapman, the 1st Principal of CSUC.


The Senavoes’ academic award was instituted to honor the late Ransford Senavoe (1979-1990) and the late Juliana Senavoe (1979-2004) former principal, who were instrumental in the continuous growth of CSUC. The award comprises: a half scholarship covering one (1) academic year for 2nd and 3rd best students (Level 100 – 300) of each academic department.


The President’s Award comprises a financial award that is given to the brilliant and best behaved graduating student.


The Chairman of council’s award is CSUC’s most prestigious scholar award. The award emanates from the chairman of CSUC Council and is given to the overall best final year student. The award attracts a financial package of GHC 1,000


Ulting Overseas Trust Fund was founded by Dr. John B. A Kessler. The calling of ulting Trust is to strengthen the church in the Majority world by providing financial assistance for named students of institutions and agencies who are engaged in theological studies. The pastoral ministry is of chief concern: the training of pastors and teachers who will in turn teach and train their people.[Ephesians 4:11 -13].

An initial request for support was made by Rev. Daniel Amadie Agyapong in 1999/2000. During the visit of Mr. Nigel Sylvester (then Chairman of Ulting Trust Fund) to Ghana a few years ago the scholarship was granted with an extension to other eligible students.

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