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Exploring Rhizomatic Learning In Computer-Mediated Communication

Level 400 Communication Students of Christian Service University College are being introduced to the concept and practice of ‘rhizomatic learning’. This is a student-centred style of learning that uses social media platforms such as Facebook,  Twitter and YouTube to facilitate learning.

Rhizomatic learning encourages learners to explore a topic in depth by asking questions and engaging in research to find out more on the subject. It also enables learners to apply the knowledge gained to solve real life problems. Students will then be able to explore concepts in detail with little or no supervision from the lecturer.

“In as much as the course outline could serve as a useful guide pointing learners in the right direction, in rhizomatic learning, answers will not be imposed on them” said Mr. Ginn Assibey Bonsu, the lecturer exploring this concept with students.

“This style of learning will prepare students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and change agents in the society”, Mr. Assibey Bonsu added.

According to Henrietta Abayie, a level 400 Communication Studies student, “getting to know about rhizomatic learning and practising it will enable me become more learned and open minded as I interact with the global community and contribute to issues affecting academia and society”  said Henrietta Abayie , a level 400 student of the Communication Studies Department.

Image source: http://debikeytehartland.me

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