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To know Christ better and to make Him better known

In spite of the growth and diversity in students’ backgrounds and faith of the Christian
Services University College (CSUC), its motto since 1974 has remained, “To Know Christ
Better and Make Him Better Known.”

This motto has guided both authorities and students of the school to be God-fearing in all areas of life. Christianity is not a religion but a way of life, that is, relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Christianity is a call to the life of spiritual discipline. You don’t own yourself anymore. In the same way, your primary focus should be to please the Lord and do whatever He wants you to do it. It’s no longer a case of doing “what you feel like doing”, or “what feels right with you”. It’s about living for the Master; obeying His instructions, for He is the Commanding Officer. The basic tenets of the Christian faith are Jesus the Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, lived and worked, persecuted, crucified, buried and rose again.

He was physically identified by those of His time and this affirms the Christian faith. If one believes in this assertion, it paves way for one to know Christ and make Him better known. To know Christ better, we should know and be the doers of the word of God, do away with all kinds of sin, lead righteous lives, humble ourselves as Jesus did and most of all, love one another as God loved and gave His only begotten Son to save us (John 3:16). We can only do these things through the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus promised us eternal life, but people are naturally get pre-occupied with things on earth and forget that if they gain the whole of the earth and lose their souls, they gain nothing as the Bible says in Mark 8:36. Why get so involved – body, soul and spirit – with this short life and not the eternal one?

To make Christ better known, we should be able to emulate Christ in all spheres of activity. We should be disciples of Jesus Christ. A true disciple is one who is submissive and committed to the work of God and humankind.

As products of a Christian University, we will make Christ better known in our various places of work, homes and the country at large when we translate our God-fearing attitudes into all that we do in whatever capacity whether as public relations officers, human resource
manager or an accountant, among others. A human resource manager will not collect money from applicants before employing them, a public relations officer will always give factual information and an Accountant will not add zeros to figures. So, how well do you know Christ, and do you make Him better known?

(Adapted from the CSUC Communicator)

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