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New CSUC President Says “Akwaaba”

I am delighted to welcome you back to campus. First of all, I wish to congratulate you as continuing students and freshers for making it to Christian Service University College (CSUC). Being at the CSUC provides you with a lifetime opportunity which you need to fully use to enable you have a fulfilling future.

At CSUC, we endeavour above all to share the love of Christ that leads to salvation with you. One way of doing this is through our Wednesday staff and students’ worship services and other Christian programmes and activities. You will be introduced to our mentorship programme dubbed ‘Faith and Practice Programmes’ (FAPP). We will support you to sail through your studies smoothly through the provision of counselling services when you need them and pray for you as well.

As you start a new academic year, kindly remember that your main purpose as students is to learn. Hence, I encourage you to invest more time and pay attention to your academic work.  Take your lectures seriously and spend quality time reading and doing research that will enhance your academic performance and brighten your prospects in life. In this hi-tech era, you need to develop an open, critical and inquisitorial mind, ask good questions and have a positive attitude to life’s circumstances and challenges.

In your search for knowledge, you cannot avoid the Internet. Remember that it is a faithful friend but can be a bad master in that it has the potential of having a negative effect on you. For the Internet to be a faithful friend, be careful to utilize it (and the online library) effectively for your studies and for research purposes. The Internet becomes a bad master when you waste all your time surfing its platforms, ‘facebooking’ and ‘whatsapping’ all the time, even during lectures, at the expense of your studies.

Note also that in this University not all who begin also finish successfully.  Some students often fall by the way side due to different reasons. Be careful of your associations with questionable individuals and groups. Watch the kind of people you choose as friends.  The Bible says: “bad company ruins good morals”.  Yes, you need to associate and participate in some group activities on campus for your social development. But be selective about this.  Avoid attending too many meetings, because you cannot escape its impact on your studies. Studies show that students who attend more than three meetings a week fail more courses than those who attend fewer meetings.  Take note and act accordingly.  Finally, watch your lifestyle and dressing on campus.  In all things, be guided by the principle of simplicity and modesty.

The Christian Service University College, like all human societies, has rules and regulations intended to create a conducive environment for teaching and learning.  Please learn to know these rules and endeavour to abide by them.  Kindly read the ‘Students’ Handbook’ when you are given your copy.  Take time to read it well and it will serve you well.

At CSUC, we assure you of our love, care and support as you embark on the journey of working to realise your dreams.I wish all of you a happy and successful academic stay at CSUC. Enjoy every bit of your life on campus and may the good Lord bless all your endeavours. Once again, welcome, ‘Akwaaba’. Thank you.

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