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As part of the process to engage all the relevant stakeholders on the Presidential Charter granted to CSU, the Management has held a meeting with parents and guardians of students on Friday May 10, 2024. The purpose of the meeting was to officially inform the parents/guardians of the Charter, to explain the implications of the new status of the institution and to build consensus and support for the way forward. Even though such meetings are uncharacteristic of tertiary institutions, the Management were motivated by the fact that about 80% of the current students of the University are sponsored by their parents and guardians hence their involvement was in order. This move was also in line with the University’s core value of mutual support and care which underpins its engagement with stakeholders on relevant issues.

The Briefing Session

The Chaplain of CSU, Rev. Anthony Boateng Agyenim opened the meeting with prayer after which, the President, Prof. Sam Afrane on behalf of the Management engaged the stakeholders on thematic issues concerning the Presidential Charter. Among some of the issues addressed were the Education Regulatory Bodies Act 2020, Section 40, p. 32 which required private tertiary institutions in Ghana to Charter by 2024 with additional 2-year grace period or risk closure. Prof. Afrane expressed appreciation to God that CSU had been able to charter within the set timeframe. In fact, he revealed that out of the over 70 private universities currently operating in Ghana, only 10 have been able to Charter and CSU is the newest, i.e., number 10.

Prof. Afrane further explained that it is the trajectory of human institutions to evolve which has been the history of all Ghanaian universities like KNUST, UMaT, University of Ghana and University of Cape Coast. “All these institutions were once mentored by local and foreign institutions before they became fully fledged universities; CSU is not an exception. We started the journey as CSC in 1974, we became CSUC in 2003 and by the grace of God, we are now CSU so we must embrace this major change and work together to build a world class institution” He noted.

Based on a number of related issues such as administrative bottlenecks, operational challenges, financial hiccups, and general limitations associated with operating under mentorship, Prof. Afrane assured all stakeholders including the parents and guardians that the University was going to implement a transformation agenda to put CSU on the educational map of the world. He ended his submission by urging all parents and guardians to support the University to carry out its unique mandate.


The floor was opened for questions, concerns and suggestions. A couple of parents who spoke expressed appreciation to the Management for providing God-fearing leadership by imbibing Christian values in their wards. Some of the parents, who were either alumni or connected to some alumni expressed confidence in the CSU brand. However, others urged the Management not to lower the standards now that they institution is autonomous, which is characteristic of human nature. All concerns were taken on board to ensure that all stakeholders contribute to charting a new future together for CSU. The meeting ended with prayer by Rev. Justice Boffah Pokumensah, the Director for Institutional Advancement Office.

It is important to note that now that students and their parents/guardians have been adequately engaged on the Charter issues, the next hurdle in the process of transition is to meet University of Ghana and Cape Coast University, our affiliates on the exit plan.

Story by IAO

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