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The Student Representative Council (SRC) elections for the 2024/2025 Academic year at Christian Service University (CSU) have ended with a record-breaking turnout, marking a significant moment in the university’s student elections history. With a total of 1,124 votes cast manually unlike several years of online voting, students demonstrated unprecedented participation in the electoral process.

On the outcome of the presidential elections, Mr. Richard Owusu, a Level 300 Planning and Social Development student, popularly known as “Edwuma Wura, secured a commanding victory with 654 votes, representing 58.18% of the total valid votes cast. His dynamic campaign, which focused on inclusivity, academic support enhancement, and amplifying student voices, resonated strongly with voters, to earn him widespread support and the presidency. His main contenders, Mr. Kofi-Sika Tuamo and Mr. Dacosta Arthur garnered 236 (20.99%) and 225 (20.01%) votes respectively, securing second and third positions in the elections.

The manual organization of this year’s SRC elections, in response to concerns from students about online voting integrity, ensured credibility and transparency in the electoral process. Held over two days, Friday, April 25, and Saturday 26, 2024, the elections were conducted smoothly, with strict security measures to safeguard the protection of ballot boxes and ensure a fair voting environment. Noteworthy was the acquisition of electoral materials from the Electoral Commission of Ghana, and the police custody of ballot boxes at the close of Friday’s voting. Overall satisfaction was high among all parties involved.

The CSU Management extends warm congratulations to both the students and electoral officials for their exemplary diligence and commitment to a successful electoral process, free of incidents. The new leadership comes at a critical time when CSUC transitions to CSU, fully fledged university with rising student numbers and heightened expectations for effective student leadership.

The new SRC leadership, under the stewardship of President-Elect Richard Owusu, heralds a transformative era characterized by progress, inclusivity, and unwavering dedication to student welfare and growth. As he assumes office, the Richard-Lilly Administration must uphold the values and aspirations of the CSU student body and work towards a brighter future for them.

Brief Profile – RICHARD OWUSU, President-Elect

Mr. Richard Owusu, (a.k.a. Edwuma Wura), is a leader by ‘service and charisma’. His distinguished tenure as the immediate-past External Affairs Officer at CSU-SRC earned him widespread acclaim for his proactive approach to addressing student concerns. His notable initiative, the “Boa wo nua fund”, stands as a testament to his steadfast commitment to student welfare, offering crucial support.

By Anastasia C. Afenu

Institutional Advancement Office, CSU


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