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CSUC Inaugurates Quality Assurance and Library Boards

Christian Service University College (CSUC) on Friday, 15 October 2021 inaugurated two
boards to further enhance the operations of the institution.

The inauguration of the boards for the Quality Assurance Unit and the Library were
undertaken by the President, Prof. Sam Afrane in two separate meetings, in accordance with
the statutes of the institution. Reading from relevant portions of the CSUC statutes, Prof.
Afrane affirmed the essential roles of the two organs.

Beginning with Quality Assurance, he asserted that the Board “is responsible for maintaining
standards across both academic and non-academic departments, helping the University
College to stay afloat as a sub-committee of the Academic Board”.

He drew attention of members to aspects requiring greater emphases. These included
ensuring that facilities and equipment are in good working condition, that all aspects relating
to examination are checked to ensure quality examination, and that lecturers’ roles are played
well towards quality teaching and learning.

During the inauguration of the Library Board, Prof Afrane affirmed that every academic
community needs the services of a library, without which no academic community can exist.
He noted that physical books are giving way to electronic books and the library’s endeavour
to increase the stock of electronic supplies through databases and other means is in the right

In this regard, the library’s Board will play an advisory and supportive role to ensure that the
day-to-day work of the librarian and his staff are enhanced through the formulation of
policies to improve performance. It is also expected to supervise and direct policies and
programmes of the library, as well as to approve the library’s budget.

In addition, the Board should support the library’s ongoing digitisation; mobilise resources to
support improvement of the library; and play a leading role in assembling materials relevant
for favourable ranking of the institution nationally and internationally.

The President expressed his expectations that as the Board plays its role the institution would
witness a library which increasingly reaches out to its constituents, engages with them and
updates them with available resources.

The Vice President, Dr Stephen Banahene, who chairs both boards, encouraged members to
be diligent in the discharge of their duties to raise the standard of CSUC to new levels.
At the end of each meeting the President declared the respective Board inaugurated and
thanked members for accepting to make contributions towards raising the standards of the

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