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CSUC Deploys Innovative Resources for Enhanced Student Experience and Welcomes New Partnerships

“Our goal is to make CSUC an academic home for the intellectually ambitious, deeply
faithful Christians who want comprehensive world-class quality education in an
environment of curiosity, conviction, and community” – Prof. Sam Afrane

Christian Service University College (CSUC) has signaled its proven capabilities, and is on
course to become a world class institution with its capacity to absorb unanticipated shocks
and the application of state-of-the-art tools that facilitate productive student-staff interactions.
It has also made room for new partnerships from individuals and organisations that share
similar ideals.

At a time many institutions have had to truncate their activities amid the corona virus
devastation globally, CSUC has been able to proceed with its programmes without
interruptions. This was feasible by seamlessly migrating most activities onto its already
existing ICT platforms, enabling the institution to continue and conclude the 2019/2020
academic year according to schedule, including the end-of-semester examinations.

Acknowledging the current dynamics of the institution, the President, Prof. Sam Afrane
asserted, that the institution was ready to “embrace the challenge, confront the unknown and
to forge ahead with the innovation and adaptation to the unfolding situation”.
The institution transited smoothly by deploying more of its already existing online facilities
such as Turnitin, Moodle, etc, by which lecture videos, discussion forums, reliable
assessment of work were effectively undertaken. The application of these standard tools
ensured effective, convenient and efficient modes of interaction between students and
lecturers, without compromising on the quality of training and professional development of

During his welcome message for the 2020/21 academic year, Prof. Afrane indicated the
preparedness of CSUC to ensure the provision of supporting infrastructure and capacity
building programmes for effective running of the institution. “We will continue to make more
new investments in our IT infrastructure and improve the administrative system to ensure
effective delivery of our services,” he declared.

Prior to the onset of Covid 19, the institution had already set itself on the path of accelerated
progress into this future. The institution had acquired high-speed internet service from
multiple service providers, configured to switch over seamlessly from one service to the other
in case a problem is encountered from a particular service provider. These, coupled with the
institution’s dedicated video facility have ensured that lecturers have adequate facility to
engage with students reliably.

Meanwhile, the institution has set up its Endowment Fund by which to deliver on its Quality
Improvement Programme (QIP). The QIP has four focal areas: human resource development;
development of physical infrastructure; ICT improvement; and rebranding campaign.
Through the Endowment Fund, the institution welcomes interested organisations and
individuals willing to partner CSUC through their contributions for the delivery of its

In return for any contributions made, the business and other activities of partners will be
promoted through the multiple platforms by which the institution reaches out to the world,
including its website. CSUC will also name facilities, scholarship awards, and departments,
among others, after the partners. The institution will march boldly together with these
individuals and organisations into an exciting future as partners.

The QIP and the new partnerships are focused on the vision “to be a university of choice,
where Jesus is Lord and people are empowered to impact the world”. In encapsulating the
current disposition of the institution, the President quoted Winston Churchill, the former
Prime Minister of Britain, that “the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, but the
optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”, and that “members of CSUC community must
choose the latter”.

Written by David Kwao-Sarbah

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