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Government Must Take Up Missionary Activities: Northern Ghana

Talking about the development and the promotion of human lives it has come out the impact of Christianity in Northern Ghana regarding the subject of development and the promotion of human lives has not been duly recognized.  There is the issue of contributions by some missionary groups in Northern Ghana who for some years have pioneered the developmental cause in the Northern corridors of the country, but which efforts may seem to have gone under the radar.

Assessing some of the developmental projects and initiatives undertaken by these Churches as an aspect of their mission, Mr. Paul KANG-EWALA DIBORO, a lecturer at the Christian Service University college, has noted how the missionary activities in Ghana, especially in the North, have laid the foundations for the developmental agenda of the Christian faith in Ghana.  He states, in his article titled “CHRISTIANITY IN NORTHERN GHANA: MISSIONARY IMPACT”, that such activities have contributed immensely to education, health and other important socioeconomic developments that promotes the holistic development of a people.

In this article, an effort is made for readers to appreciate particularly how the Northerners in Ghana encountered the Christian faith and the impact of these religious missions in the development of the Northern part of Ghana. This article however not a comprehensive work of Christianity in the north of Ghana. It therefore does not seek to discuss every issue in relation to Christianity in the North. It only concentrates on some Christian denominations because of their pioneering work, widespread and large adherents in Northern Ghana

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